ATAK for Hikers

Install ATAK

Add Mapping Sources

Open the Import Manager
Pick your import source
Select the map source zip file

Adding Elevation Data

Open the Import Manager
Pick your import source
Select the DTED0 World and your region zip file
Pick Zipped DTED directories when prompted

3D Map View

Long-press on the direction indicator in the upper left corner, then click 3D to enable 3D Mode
Drag up with both thumbs at the same time to tilt the map


Open the Elevation Tools
Set your height and radius for the Viewshed and then click the icon to place
Place your POV where you like, green areas will be visible from the selected viewpoint

Downloading an Area for Offline Use

Click on the Maps & Favorites tool, then the Mobile tab, then open the arrow dropdown
Click Select Area
Use the Area Selection Shapes to define your area
Set the resolution to download to what you like and click Download, make sure the number of tiles is reasonable (30k will take a while)
Add your imagery to a new or existing tileset
Name your tileset if you’re creating one
Download progress will show along with an ETA

Import a Route / Track

Pick your source for the track
Here I’m importing a track I downloaded using Chrome
You can choose either one here, I like Route
The imported track is now available

Export a Track

Go to Track History
Pick the Track and click the Export icon
Choose a name for the exported track
Choose how the track will be exported

Creating or Editing a Route on the Fly

Open the Routes Tool
Pick the route type
Create or select a route for editing
Tap the map to add points, you can long-press to edit and move points
Name your route
Routes automatically hug the ground
You can also use Turn by Turn Navigation and the Viewshed tool on Routes

Creating a Data Package of a Trail / Trip

An example trip we’d like to share with a friend
Click the Data Package tool
Choose your method for selecting items
Select the items to include in the Data Package
Either create a new Data Package or add to an existing one
Name your Data Package if you’re creating a new one
To send the package, click the Send icon next to its name
Choose Application will take you to a list of Android apps that can transmit the file (e.g. email)

Off-grid Communication

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